The Yucca Fiber Gigabit Network is a time-saving value for those who need speed. If your priorities involve SUPER-FAST Internet speeds, we have the network for YOU!

Yucca Fiber provides consumers with technology generally available only in urban and metro areas. Yucca Fiber offers speeds up to one hundred times faster than speeds offered before the rollout of 100 Mbps and 1 Gigabit. Order Service Now

Benefits of Fiber:

As the most secure and reliable broadband connection available, fiber has many benefits:

  • The end of buffering: on your existing connection, you may face long buffering times with services like YouTube or Netflix. This can reduce the quality of your viewing experience. With a fiber connection, videos load quickly and appear in the best quality possible. Files that are multiple gigabytes large—like movie files—download in mere seconds over a fiber connection, putting a world of large files at your fingertips. You’ll never say, “This video is loading too slowly”, or “That file is too large to download” again!
  • Better gaming: Your fiber connection will provide your family’s gaming enthusiasts with all the bandwidth they need to play online—no annoying lag time or dropped connections.
  • Community growth: businesses are more likely to locate in areas that provide fiber Internet speeds. From small to large businesses, the quality and speed of the network connection is often a top deciding factor when choosing to do business in one location over another. The Yucca Fiber Internet network is an asset to our community, as businesses of all sizes move to the area to take advantage of our connectivity.
  • Educational possibilities: Yucca Fiber Internet allows students to experience technology in the classroom: with interactive webinars, online study aides, education videos and more are possible with a high speed connection. In addition, students can research and complete assignments more efficiently at home when they are fiber-connected.

Why Go GIG?

Gigabit Internet brings the Internet revolution to your front door, as you say goodbye to buffering and slow downloads for good. With Gig speeds, you have access to the most secure and reliable broadband connection available. No matter how you use the Internet – streaming video, gaming, downloading and uploading large files, video chatting and more – you’ll have a seamless experience with Gigabit Internet.
Also, with Gigabit Internet, you never have to worry whether you can share your Internet connection across multiple devices. In Gig City, everyone can use their Internet-enabled device at the same time! Computers, smart phones, tablets, smart TV’s, security systems, home thermostats and anything else that might use an Internet connection will run seamlessly – and simultaneously – with Gigabit Internet from Yucca Telecom.

Get your 100 mbps or your Gig (1000 mbps) connection today!

If Yucca Fiber is not currently available in your area, please let us know you are interested. Start by completing the form below. We will consider building fiber to areas that have enough interest, so tell your neighbors to complete the form too! 

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