Yucca’s New Fiber Powered Network

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s so great about Yucca’s fiber?

A: Fiber optics is the most advanced technology for delivering high speed internet. With a fiber connection you receive consistent and reliable services, including high definition TV, super-fast internet and digital voice.


Q: What’s involved in installing fiber at my home?

A: The Yucca fiber network is being built in several phases:

Step 1 – With your permission, a technician from our contracting company, Atlas, will return to install the Fiber Equipment. We estimate it will take 30 – 60 minutes to complete this step. The contractor will need access to the inside of your residence to complete the installation. A person 18 years or older must be at your home while the contractor is installing the ONT on the outside of your house and the battery inside your home.

Step 2 – Our contractors will return to bury the new fiber on your property. This process may take up to 4 hours to complete. The contractors will only need access to the exterior of your house – it will not be necessary to come inside your home to complete this process.

Step 3 – We will notify you by letter when it is time to call our office and schedule an appointment to upgrade to Yucca’s Fiber Powered Network.

Step 4 – In the event you do not contact our office a Yucca Customer Service Representative will call to upgrade services.
Q: Will you dig up my yard?

A: Yes, it will be necessary to dig a trench to bury fiber to your home. A contractor will notify you before digging takes place. We will clean up our mess and leave your property equal to or in better condition than when we arrived.
Q: Will my service be interrupted?

We anticipate minimal disruption to your telephone service. In some cases, there may be temporary disruption to your Internet service—we will make every attempt to minimize your inconvenience.


Q: Will my phone service change?

A: Good news! With your new fiber connection you will receive crystal clear digital voice. Plus, you can continue to use your existing phone, there’s no need to purchase new equipment.


Q: Will there be any change to my internet service?

A: Good news! Faster Internet Speeds will be available to you! With fiber you can upgrade your speed and experience even more reliable internet. Our Customer Service Representatives are available to answer any questions you may have regarding faster internet speeds and pricing.


Q:  I have services from a different provider; do I have to have Yucca’s fiber equipment installed at my residence?

A: Yucca is currently in your area to make residences and businesses fiber-ready. While our contractors are in your neighborhood we can install the equipment free of charge – normally a $350 fee. If you decide you do not wish to participate in making your home able to receive Yucca’s fiber, simply notify our contractors.


We are excited to bring Yucca’s Fiber Powered Services to your home. Thank you for your patience. If you have questions, please contact our office at (575)226-2255. Visit our website at samgrabelle.com.